Monday, 23 December 2013

[Commercial] Samsung shows how to win the woman with the Galaxy Gear, or may not

It is winter and so some may now have run a good time while skiing and snowboarding in the mountains. Samsung has released a specially tailored advertising, which aims to show how you can win the woman of his dreams with the Galaxy Gear.
ski gear advertising 620x369 [commercial] Samsung shows how to win the woman with the Galaxy Gear, or may not
Look at the spot itself to, but in my opinion, the scenario is completely pulled out of the nose.Who's going for an expensive SmartWatch snowboarding and then takes it (poor quality) photos and videos of the most admired woman on? Most women are expected: rather than scary, this probably.
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Samsung introduces a designer of the Apple Stores

Samsung has a very high marketing budget, but you put relatively little money into the retail presence. Even Microsoft is expected now, thanks to collaborations with Media Market and Saturn have a longer range in retail, what Samsung sure is an eyesore.
Apple store fifth avenue 620x466 Samsung is a designer of the Apple Stores
In the presence of Apple currently no other electronics manufacturers should come
That's why Samsung has a report , according to a set designer of the Apple Stores, Tim Grudge, a few days ago. Earlier this year, Samsung has also set Michael Forrest, who has previously also worked at Apple. Both will report says now take care of a better presence in the retail sector, which is to be extended especially for the Galaxy range of products. So we could in the future in many places Samsung pop stores to see.

Galaxy Note 3 now available in South Korea in Red

Earlier this month, Samsung has some new color variants of the Galaxy Note 3 for China presented, which probably now see the light slowly the rest of the world. In South Korea, the Galaxy Note 3 is now in "Merlot Red" available , along with a color-coordinated S Pen
red Note3 ko 562x620 Galaxy Note 3 now available in South Korea in Red
Off likely the smartphone but look better than on, at least if you look at the home screen with the default wallpaper. Blue and red bite and so you should consider whether you actually want to buy a unit in this color. If and when the Galaxy Note 3 comes in red to Germany, is anyway not yet clear.

Now official: GamePad costs Rs.6779/- MSRP, Galaxy Tab Game Edition on its way - sam4sammy

We had already written the day before yesterday that the Samsung GamePad with a MSRP of 79.90 Euro comes in the German trade and yesterday we reported that Samsung will launch a Galaxy Tab Games Edition - both information is now available from the official page :
Samsung GamePad 620x413 now official: GamePad costs 79,90 € MSRP, Galaxy Tab Game Edition on its way
An unboxing of the gamepad with a few (second) impressions and pictures there tomorrow, so much in advance: That thing makes powerful mood. In my opinion the price fits, commercially he is already well below the RRP. 
Schwalbach / Ts., 20 December 2013 - Drive the fastest race laps and get the most points - this is possible with the new Samsung gamepad just got easier. With its proven in the gaming keys arrangement, it offers convenient operation options and lies comfortably in the hands. The gamepad is connected to this wireless via Bluetooth with compatible Android smartphones and tablets. For the best possible game, users can transfer their games from the mobile device to the home TV. The continuously adjustable fixture of the gamepad provides smartphones with display sizes from ten to sixteen centimeters (4 to 6.3 inches) stable hold. In this way, gamepad and Smartphone combine to a superior team for a compelling game experience. 
With the new Samsung gamepad users to control their mobile gaming even more precisely. Due to its light weight (195 grams) and compact dimensions, it offers comfortable Games comfort. With two analog sticks, a directional pad, four action and two shoulder buttons, players have the action literally even better grip. With the "PLAY" button takes you directly to the Mobile Console App *, a selection menu for all their compatible games.
Simply connect and start playing immediately
A connection between gamepad and a compatible smartphone or tablet users can easily connect via Bluetooth. Moreover, can the gamepad with a light touch of the NFC interface automatically pair with an NFC-enabled smartphone ** to dive very quickly into the game world.
For a more immerse gaming experience can be the combination of gamepad and smartphone or tablet connect to a TV. On the big screen, fast-paced car racing, exciting sports matches and tricky skill games come to even better effect. The connection between TV and smart phone or tablet produces an optional HDMI adapter.
Long-lasting game play with many compatible games
The battery has a capacity of 400 mAh ensures persistent mobile game and is easily charged via the micro USB port. The Samsung gamepad is compatible with smartphones and tablets from the Android version 4.1. The gamepad support Android games that are compatible with HID controllers.
Action Loaded Bundle: Samsung GALAXY Tab 8.0 Wi-Fi 3 Game Edition
The gamepad will also be available in a limited edition game with the Samsung GALAXY Tab 8.0 Wi-Fi 3. With only 314 grams and its impressive 20.32 inches display (8-inch diagonal screen) allows the GALAXY Tab 8.0 Wi-Fi 3 a fascinating game and multimedia experience. In addition, an HDMI adapter is included, can connect the tablet for an even more imposing sight and listening to your TV with the player.
The Samsung gamepad is available immediately at a price of 79.90 euros (RRP). The Samsung GALAXY Tab 8.0 Wi-Fi 3 Game Edition will be available in January 2014.
* Application can be downloaded from Samsung Apps. Compatibility with Android version 4.3. 
** coupling via NFC from Android version 4.3 possible.

Android 4.4 will appear in late January for the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 - Sam4sammy

The French mobile operator SFR has once again announced details about the fixes that are not officially named by Samsung. SFR has in a press release announced the update to Android 4.4 for the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 - and equal yet set a date.
Android 4.4 Galaxy S4 Galaxy Note 3 SFR 620x572 Android 4.4 should appear in late January for the Galaxy S4 and Note 3
Thus, the update will be released at the end of January for both devices, so Samsung has apparently put more emphasis this time to a speedy update than usual That would be very gratifying to be said yet to be seen whether Samsung can keep this schedule actually. In the past updates have been repeatedly delayed and postponed, and that even with flagships.