Thursday, 13 December 2012

Samsung shares full details of Galaxy S III Premium Suite upgrade


Samsung has finished sharing full details of the Galaxy S III Premium Suite upgrade.

Samsung teased the Galaxy S III Premium Suite upgrade on Friday, sharing the first set of features under categories "Contextual awareness" and "Enhanced features". Monday's update lists 7 new features under the heads "Powerful multimedia" and "New features & better accessibility".

The Galaxy S III Premium Suite looks like a promising update for existing owners of Samsung's flagship smartphone. The update will add features like multi-window support that we've seen in Galaxy Note 800 (Galaxy Note 10.1) and Galaxy Note II. Other new features (see complete list below) include a new low-light shot function and a "best face" features, that takes 5 consecutive shots for times when someone or the other in a group photo blinks.

Full list of features in Galaxy S III Premium Suite upgrade (part 1):

Contextual Awareness

(1) Page Buddy: Your phone will smartly predict what you intend to do according to your actions. For example, when you plug in your earphones, the device automatically opens up a page with the music player.

(2) Contextual Menu:  When you list up apps, you can now choose to see the most frequently used ones first. Especially convenient when you're looking through apps  to find files to attach.

(3) Contextual Tag:  When you take a picture on the phone, you can tag the weather, date, and place immediately.

Enhanced Features

(1) Multi Window: You can open two different apps at the same time into two different windows on the mobile screen.

(2) Auto Share Shot Pairing using NFC: By setting the camera to 'Auto Share Shot' mode, you can quickly share your photos and videos by simply tapping their GALAXY S III with other NFC and S-Beam enabled devices

(3) Reader Mode: You can easily control the size of the text on your browser! Also, you can just click the webpage to share it!

(4) Facebook Lock Ticker: The easiest way to see your Facebook News Feeds - set your phone to show it on your lock screen.

Full list of features in Galaxy S III Premium Suite upgrade (part 2):

Powerful Multimedia

(1) Paper Artist: You can make a picture like a pop artist! Change the moods of your pictures whenever you want!

(2) Camera, Low Light Shot: It's always tough to take pictures in dark places. So the GALAXY S III with Premium Suite has a Low-Light-Shot  function. Get your hands on one and check out the difference!

(3) Camera, Best Face: The problem with group pictures? Somebody always, ALWAYS blinks. Well, Best Face is your solution to that.  Best Face takes 5 consecutive pictures and lets you choose the best face for each person among those shots.

New Features & Better Accessibility

(1) Easy Mode: For first-time smartphone users and/or those who are really really, well, lazy. This function helps you set up the most five frequently used widgets on the home screen, so you don't have to be tired of looking everywhere to find those apps.

(2) Sound Balance: You can adjust the balance of volume one each side of earphones.

(3) Setup Wizard: After turning on your cell phone, you can see the accessibility menu right away on the screen.

(4) Camera Easy Snap: With 'talk back' and 'face detection' on your settings menu, the GALAXY S III tells you how many faces it can detect on the camera preview.

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