Thursday, 20 December 2012

Google releases YouTube Capture app for iPhone


Google has released YouTube Capture app for iPhone in an attempt to plug a gaping hole in its existing YouTube app, which does not include the ability to upload videos.

Google released the YouTube app for iPhone back in September with support for discovering and watching videos, months after Apple announced its decision to drop the iOS-bundled YouTube app. Google later updated the app to add a native interface for iPad, iPhone 5 and include other features like AirPlay. Strangely, the app didn't include an option to upload videos to YouTube. This is where YouTube Capture comes in.

YouTube Capture is a pretty basic app that prompts users to sign-in upon launch. Users have the option to enable Camera Roll that allows the app to user the phone's Gallery for storing/ accessing videos, otherwise it maintains its own private library. The app lets you share videos simultaneously to YouTube, Google+, Facebook and Twitter. It comes with basic video enhancement options like colour correction and video stabilisation.

Other options in the app include Landscape lock (enabled by default), which won't let you start video recording unless you're in landscape mode and a Rotate to begin recording option (disabled by default). On the iPhone 4S, you can toggle the upload quality between 480p and 720p (HD) - this may differ from one model to the other.

Overall, it's a pretty decent offering from Google - albeit rather basic -  though as other recent iOS launches, it's not available as a native iPad app on launch day. We expect that to change soon enough.

YouTube Capture (iPhone, Free)

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