Monday, 2 April 2012

7 Steps to Create Scannable Content

One thing you must keep in mind while putting up content online is that the online reader is very finicky about what he or she wants to read. If your post is quite lengthy and deals with an arcane subject, then it is quite possible your reader might dump you in between.

This calls for making your content tailor made for such readers. In 16% average web users actually go through every word of what you have put down, rest scan your page keywords of interest and only read the relevant sections that are of interest. So I present today some measures to take to keep such readers happy and not lose their interest.
1.     Make Lists: Always try and present your facts and figures in list form. If you have a bunch of things to tell your audience then it is advisable that you list them out in numbers and make headings of each point, much like how I am presenting these points to you right now. Therefore avoid putting your text in lengthy essay form and always favor bulleted lists instead.
2.     Bold and Italized: Wherever you are referring to important points take special care to either italize the text or make it Bold. This grabs the attention of the reader and if the topic of discussion is of interest to him then he wont go anywhere before reading it fully.
3.     Headers: Structure your post body so as to include headings and sub-headings to stress upon key areas of the topic. This will ensure that all points being covered in your article will be seen by the visitors and will not remain unread.
4.     Graphics: It is said that a picture says a thousand words and here too if your article uses an image or a graphic to illustrate a point then it is always better. The picture will attract the attention of the reader and the words will deliver the whole story.
5.     Borders: You can enclose certain key points and sections within borders to stress importance.
6.     White Space: Always leave ample space around your article and do not try to fill up all the page real estate. A fully filled up page gives a feeling of claustrophobia to the reader and the empty space give a feeling of freshness to the reader, give it to him.
7.     Keep it short:Always keep your points short and if required break them up in small parts. Also place these points in separate paragraphs.
I sincerely hope that the above points will sure help you to create such content that will attract readers who are only looking at posts and only reading them if it is of interest.

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